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Community Professional Loudspeakers is part of the Biamp family.  Based in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, Community has been a leader of technological innovations which have become industry standards for over 50 years. Our products are sold primarily through a network of dealers, installers and authorized distribution centers around the world.

Community products are installed in literally thousands of installations worldwide, from Olympic venues and NFL stadiums to neighborhood schools and houses of worship. The company offers over 150 professional loudspeaker products, including weather resistant systems, permanent installation loudspeakers, line arrays and electronics.

Departments within the company include Engineering, Production Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Financial Services, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Sales Administration, Technical Services, and Human Resources. Compensation offered at Community is commensurate with professional and local standards. Qualified personnel may participate in paid health care, a company 401(k) plan, and various other voluntary benefits. Community Professional Loudspeakers is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Below are the full-time positons that are based at Community in Chester, PA.  

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