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*This form is used to request design assistance using Biamp’s Loudspeaker Solutions Group loudspeaker and amplifier products only.

Biamp’s Loudspeaker Solutions Applications Engineers are part of Biamp’s tech support team. To get in-depth technical information on Biamp products, visit Cornerstone, our tech support knowledge base.

After submitting this form, we will generally respond to you via email within 1-2 business days. Most design reviews are completed within 5 business days. Go to form.

To assist you in your design projects, download the (fillable) Site Survey Form here and attach with project-support documents upload.

Biamp’s Loudspeaker Solutions Applications Engineers are technical experts on Community loudspeakers and sound system design for sports venues, auditoria, theme parks, worship facilities, convention centers and other large venues. Team members provide technical support and product suggestions to Biamp’s dealers, distributors and end users worldwide. We work closely with consulting firms, designers and installation contractors in a collaborative process to review designs using Biamp products and to create recommendations for optimal sound system choices. Go to form.

The more complete and accurate the data, the better and more expeditious our design assistance will be. This form will allow us to make the appropriate suggestion of Biamp products for this application based on the information supplied. All fields are required for our Loudspeaker Solutions Group Technical Support team to understand the project scope. Go to form.

Biamp’s loudspeakers are designed and intended to be ‘flown’ or suspended using a variety of rigging hardware, means, and methods. Installation of loudspeakers should only be performed by trained and qualified personnel. It is strongly recommended that a licensed and certified professional structural engineer approve the mounting design. Severe injury and/or loss of life may occur if these products are improperly installed! All electrical connections must conform to applicable country, city, county,state, and national electrical codes (NEC). Go to form.

*By submitting the design request, you agree that Biamp will not be held liable in any manner for the outcome of the installation, and to provide Biamp with prompt information concerning the results of the project upon completion. Biamp still recommends that you contact a qualified consultant who is experienced with this type of application and can make a visit to the site to further define the necessary criteria by which a system design can be based.